India Ignites AI Revolution with ₹10,372 Crore Mission

India commences the ₹10,372 crore 'IndiaAI Mission' to enhance AI research and accessibility. Over the span of five years, the endeavor seeks to stimulate innovation, democratize AI tool access, cultivate skilled professionals, and encourage collaboration

Rashi Grover
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India's government approved a ₹10,372 crore mission to boost AI research, development, and accessibility over the next five years. This "IndiaAI Mission" aims to position India as a leader in AI and empower its citizens and businesses through this technology.


In a significant stride towards technological leadership, the Indian government has greenlit an ambitious mission dedicated to Artificial Intelligence (AI), dubbed the "IndiaAI Mission." With a substantial budget of ₹10,372 crore (approximately $1.2 billion USD) allocated over five years, this initiative aims to establish a comprehensive ecosystem for AI innovation within the country.

The IndiaAI Mission sets out to transform India's technological landscape by focusing on several key objectives. Firstly, it aims to foster innovation by supporting research and development in crucial AI areas such as natural language processing, computer vision, and machine learning. This support will empower Indian researchers and startups to pioneer groundbreaking AI solutions.

Furthermore,the mission prioritizes democratizing access to AI tools and computing resources to bridge the digital divide. By making these resources more affordable and accessible, a wider range of individuals and businesses will be empowered to harness the power of AI for various purposes.


It also emphasizes on building a skilled AI workforce through investments in educational programs and training initiatives. This initiative is crucial to ensuring that India possesses the necessary talent pool to drive future advancements in the AI field effectively.

The IndiaAI Mission promotes collaboration between the public and private sectors, as well as academia, to accelerate AI adoption across various industries. This collaborative approach is seen as instrumental in fostering AI development and application on a national scale.

"The IndiaAI Mission is a strategic investment in our nation's future," stated Piyush Goyal, Minister of Commerce and industry. "By harnessing the power of AI, we can address critical challenges, boost economic growth, and improve the lives of our citizens." 


The IndiaAI Mission, to be executed by the 'IndiaAI' Independent Business Division (IBD) under Digital India Corporation (DIC), comprises several components such as IndiaAI Compute Capacity, IndiaAI Innovation Centre, IndiaAI Datasets Platform, IndiaAI Application Development Initiative, IndiaAI FutureSkills, IndiaAI Startup Financing, and Safe & Trusted AI. 

This ecosystem will include an AI compute infrastructure of over 10,000 Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), established through public-private partnership, along with an AI marketplace offering AI as a service and pre-trained models.

The IndiaAI Innovation Centre will concentrate on creating and implementing homegrown Large Multimodal Models (LMMs) and specialized foundational models. Meanwhile, the IndiaAI Compute Capacity will establish a scalable AI computing environment to meet the increasing needs of India's burgeoning AI startups and research sector.


The IndiaAI Datasets Platform aims to streamline access to quality non-personal datasets, while the IndiaAI Application Development Initiative will promote AI applications in critical sectors sourced from various government bodies. IndiaAI FutureSkills will enhance AI education at undergraduate, master's, and PhD levels, with the establishment of Data and AI Labs in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities across India. 

The IndiaAI Startup Financing pillar will support deep-tech AI startups and provide streamlined funding access for futuristic AI projects. Overall, the IndiaAI Mission is expected to drive innovation, build domestic capacities, create skilled employment opportunities, and demonstrate how AI can be utilized for societal good while enhancing India's global competitiveness.

While experts acknowledge the potential of this mission to position India as a global leader in AI development, challenges such as prioritizing ethical considerations and addressing the digital infrastructure gap remain. 

The IndiaAI Mission signifies a significant step in India's journey towards global AI leadership. With its focus on innovation, accessibility, talent development, and collaboration, this initiative claims to have the potential to provide immense opportunities for the nation's future progress.