HCLTech partners with Tecnotree to bring 5G-led GenAI solutions

HCLTech and Tecnotree partner to deliver advanced 5G-led GenAI solutions, enhancing revenue, customer experiences, and sustainable growth for the global telecom industry.

Punam Singh
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hcltech partners with technotree

HCLTech partners with Tecnotree

HCLTech has partnered with Tecnotree, a Finnish software company specializing in telecom solutions, to develop advanced 5G-led generative AI (GenAI) solutions for the global telecom industry. The collaboration is focused on helping telcos and communication service providers (CSPs)  to unlock new opportunities, accelerate innovation, and drive sustainable growth with personalized next-generation solutions as per the company.


This partnership combines HCLTech's deep expertise in driving AI-led digital transformation for telcos and CSPs with Tecnotree's proven 5G and AI-led BSS platform capabilities. Together they are going to build joint solutions that will enable telcos and CSPs to enhance customer experience through hyper-personalization, accelerating innovation and driving sustainable growth. These solutions will seamlessly integrate with CSPs’ existing systems while transforming their BSS with innovative capabilities while adhering to TM Forum Open API standards.

Perspectives of Key Executives on the Partnership

"We are excited to embark on this exciting journey with HCLTech by leveraging Tecnotree's Sensa Intelligence platform to drive transformation. By combining our strengths, we are committed to delivering unparalleled value by redefining digital experiences and improving revenue monetization capabilities for our clients", said Hitesh Morar, CTO and CPO, of Tecnotree Corporation.


"This partnership marks a major milestone in our journey to innovate and transform the global telecom industry. Together, we aim to solve real-world challenges for telcos by using GenAI and create meaningful business impacts", said Pawan Vadapalli, Corporate Vice President and Global Head of Digital Business Services, at HCLTech.

Impact of the Telecom Market

This partnership is expected to make a significant impact on the telecom industry by enabling telcos and CSPS to stay ahead of the curve in terms of innovation and customer experience.


HCLTech and Techtree combine their strengths to deliver advanced 5G-lead GenAI solutions. The partnership aims to improve revenue monetization capabilities for clients, enhance customer experiences, and drive sustainable growth in the global telecom industry.