Google Wallet introduces the first Gift Cards integration in India, powered by Pine Labs

Google Wallet in India comes with a first-to-market Gift Card integration powered by Pine Labs. Pine Labs partnered with Google Wallet to seamlessly incorporate Gift Cards into the platform.

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Google Wallet introduces the first Gift Cards integration in India

Google finally unveiled its highly anticipated Google Wallet app in India. Pine Labs, a prominent fintech company, has now provided additional details on its partnership with Google Wallet to seamlessly incorporate Gift Cards into the platform.


The appeal of e-gifting's "power of choice" resonates strongly with young consumers, prompting brands in India to actively target this expanding demographic. Various compelling Gift Card applications, including refunds, credit notes, and promotional offers, have emerged as catalysts for growth, enabling brands to cultivate customer loyalty and establish enduring engagement.

According to a report by Research and Markets, the Gift Cards market in India is projected to grow from US$7.6 billion in 2023 to US$15.7 billion by 2028. This exclusive collaboration between Google Wallet and Pine Labs will deliver a seamless Gift Card usage experience, offering unparalleled ease and convenience to both existing and new users. It will streamline the complexity associated with usage, allowing Google Wallet users to effortlessly store and manage their Gift Cards within the app. Additionally, intuitive reminders will prompt users to utilize their Gift Cards at the point of purchase.

“Pine Labs is delighted to partner with Google India to enable Gift Cards integration with the Google Wallet app. In recent years, we have witnessed a seismic shift in the way merchants have embraced digital modes of payment. Considering the huge Android user base in the country we anticipate a sharp jump in the usage of Gift Cards as more retailers and brands will now look to leverage it in their omnichannel strategy to expand their customer base, improve customer experience, retention, and loyalty,” said Navin Chandani, President - Issuing Business, Pine Labs.

Highlighting the significance of this launch in bringing new levels of convenience for Android users across the country, Ram Papatla, GM & India Engineering Lead, Android at Google, said, “The arrival of Google Wallet in India marks an important milestone in Android’s India journey, bringing innovative and convenient experiences to simplify peoples’ daily lives. We are delighted to partner with many of India’s top brands to offer a comprehensive solution that helps you securely access and manage your everyday essentials. From boarding passes to loyalty, gift cards, and event tickets to public transport passes – they’re there when you need them.”

Pine Labs' issuing business provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions for businesses in various industry sectors, enabling them to issue, process, distribute, and oversee prepaid cards. With a dominant market position in India, the company is now extending its reach into Southeast Asia, Australia, the USA, and the UAE.