DoT is Constantly Monitoring Cyber Threats in Real-time: TRAI Chairman

TRAI Chairman highlighted the use of domestic products and the Sanchar Saathi portal's role in reporting cyber fraud, emphasizing public awareness of cybersecurity.

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Panel Discussion on Telecom Networks - The lifeline of Bharat

Staying interconnected in today’s digitally enabled world isn’t a heavy task. As telecom networks form the backbone of global communication, these networks support not only personal communication but also critical infrastructure, business operations, and emergency services.


As the dependency on telecom networks, so does the importance of securing them against cyber threats. Telecom networks handle vast amounts of sensitive data, including personal information, financial transactions, and confidential communications. And in that case, cybersecurity measures become crucial to protect this data from unauthorized access and breaches.

“As far as the security of the network infrastructure, the government has taken very strong steps in terms of stipulating that the telecom infrastructure products have to be sourced from trusted vendors and the trusted products have to be taken. There is a Trusted Telecom Portal which is to be utilized for securing the trusted equipment to take care of the security.

Also, The Department of Telecommunication has created its Telecom Security Operations Center, which constantly monitors cyber threats in real-time within the telecommunications sector. I have seen how it operates, and it is phenomenal.


Monitoring is taking place on an unprecedented scale. Millions of communications every minute are being constantly monitored, and cyber threats are being detected. These reforms are certainly helping the industry. Additionally, you mentioned the encouragement of using domestic products and promoting indigenization in this sector”, said the TRAI chairman while addressing the panel discussion at the Symposium on Strengthening Atmanirbhar: Securing Domestic Industry and Technology.

“For cybersecurity, the Department of Telecommunication has launched the Sanchar Saathi portal. On this portal, any communication suspected to be intended for cyber fraud can be reported to the Ministry of Home Affairs' cybercrime portal. There is excellent coordination between the Department of Telecommunication, the Ministry of Home Affairs, and various state police departments, resulting in a large number of cases being solved”, said Anil Kumar Lahoti, Chairman of TRAI while speaking to Voice&data on the sidelines of the event.

“Additionally, people need to become more conscious and aware of cybersecurity threats, which is also important”, he added.