Beetel Teletech and Alpha Bridge Technologies Unite to Strengthen Network Equipment Portfolio

Beetel Teletech Limited and Alpha Bridge Technologies join forces to expand network equipment offerings, aiming to meet evolving customer needs with quality-tested solutions.

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Beetel and Alpha Bridge Collaboration

Beetel Teletech Limited, a prominent technology brand in India known for its innovative solutions catering to the connectivity and IT requirements of modern India, has entered into a strategic distribution collaboration with Alpha Bridge Technologies. Alpha Bridge Technologies, a 'Make in India' startup, specializes in the manufacturing and supply of durable and cost-effective networking equipment. This partnership between two industry leaders aims to enhance the range of network equipment offerings available to businesses.


The partnership between Beetel and Alpha Bridge Technologies marks a significant step forward in expanding the product range and strengthening the distribution network. This strategic collaboration expands the service offerings to include a wide range of products such as Enterprise Switches, industrial-grade switches, GPON OLT ONT, and SFPs, directly addressing customer requirements. These new additions seamlessly integrate with Beetel's existing technology solutions and align with its overall vision, capabilities, and extensive channel ecosystem.

"We are pleased to partner with Alpha Bridge Technologies to improve our networking equipment offerings. This partnership aligns well with our dedication to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions to our customers. Alpha Bridge Technologies focuses on producing top-notch network products while keeping core values of accountability, brilliance, and technology in mind. With this collaboration, Beetel and Alpha Bridge Technologies are positioned to transform the networking equipment landscape, providing customers with a wide range of solutions supported by exceptional service and support", said Sanjeev Chhabra, Managing Director and CEO, of Beetel.

Rajiv Mittal, Co-founder & Director, of Alpha Bridge Technologies, stressed the significance of the partnership with Beetel, stating, "Alpha Bridge Technologies values its collaboration with Beetel, a well-established brand in the technology sector. This partnership signifies a merging of capabilities. Leveraging Beetel's expertise and established channel partner ecosystem will enable us to broaden our market presence, stimulate growth, and provide enhanced value to our customers."

As the technology landscape progresses, organizations increasingly seek network equipment that undergoes rigorous testing and offers durability, reliability, enhanced functionality, user-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness. This collaboration aims to provide meticulously tested products to fulfill these customer requirements.