NetXcell Develops Mobile Technology-Ad Axis

VoicenData Bureau
New Update

NetXcell has announced that they are soon to launch Ad Axis, which is a

comprehensive platform to enable delivery of targeted contextual advertisement

on the mobile phone to be used by the advertisers (brands), publishers, and

operators. Ad Axis supports delivery through different mediums on the mobile

phone like WAP, streaming video, voice portals, SMS, USSD, and MMS. The

algorithm built into the ad engine generates business intelligence on usage

trends of the subscribers, which in turn helps the advertisers and publishers in

future ad campaigns.

Ad Axis integrates with billing systems of the telecom operators. It will be

a product for the advertisers as it will help reach target audiences at any

given point of time either through discount coupons redeemed at the stores just

by showing the SMS, or overlay on video streaming of movie clip, or song, or a

scrolling banner in WAP portal, or through the GPS service, an SMS on discounts

of certain brands when passing the relevant store.