Network security appliance and software market will grow to $6.4 bn in 2014: Report

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The Google vs China debate set the tone for the year 2010 network security applications market. A keen interests in the potential security risks in hand-held devices and mobile networks not only caught the attention of the industry stalwarts but also the common man.


The latest report by Infonetics Research, 'Network Security Appliances and Software' says that worldwide network security appliance and software revenue is up by 8% in Q2 FY2006-07 after a slight dip in the previous quarter, and is expected to end the year on a high note.

“Increased awareness of security threats, combined with a return to spending in the branch office and the focus on cloud based security services and security-as-a-service, will make 2010 a good year for the network and content security appliance and software markets," predicts Jeff Wilson, principal analyst for security at Infonetics Research.

Wilson, also explained in his previous report on security that, “When it comes to security, service providers are not interested in technology wars or theoretical possibilities, they just want to protect their assets and the assets of their customers,” He further explains, “They're willing to deal with small, focused vendors if those vendors build tailored solutions for them, but for the most part they want to buy security solutions from large, established companies.”


The report points out that the top drivers for investing in virtual security are a mix of specific security issues, like providing a security equivalent to non-virtualized infrastructure and preventing VM specific threats.

Also, configuration and management issues like maintaining server configurations and improving performance are other reasons. Investing in virtualized security solutions will ameliorate the standard of virtual environments and will also help in making its performance

better. The North American content security gateway market passed the $1 bn mark for the first time in 2009, hitting $1.15 bn.

A clear cut demonstration of growth can be witnessed as security applications provider, McAfee for 2009 expanded its revenue market share lead for overall content security gateway (appliances and

software), followed by Websense and Blue Coat.


The report also says that network security appliances and software revenue increased by 13% worldwide between Q3 and Q4 FY2008-09, totaling $1.4 bn.

The growth projection in the coming times seems enormous. As in Q4 FY2008-09, worldwide VPN and firewall software revenue increased by 26%, SSL VPN gateway revenue by 14%, and intrusion detection and prevention products by 17% sequentially. The figures substantiate the surge that is being witnessed in the security applications market.

Network security is also driving the markets in India. Some of the trends that were deployed are UTMs, end-to-end security, and multi-functional routers. Also the current market trends include green security solutions while consolidated security devices are expected to be an upcoming trend in the near future.