NetActuate expands India data center to meet increased service demands

Pressed by an increase in demand for services, Carolina-headquartered telecommunications company NetActuate has completed a series of upgrades in its Chennai, India, datacenter. The company owes the expansion to the increased demand for cloud and connectivity in India, which has grown rapidly in recent years as governments, businesses, and organizations have made digital transformation as a high priority. NetActuate’s India location provides advanced connectivity options, including direct connectivity to National India Internet Exchange (NIXI).

“We are pleased that our Chennai location is ready to offer faster connectivity and greater availability of cloud and bare metal servers to meet our growing demand for services,” said Mark Mahle, CEO and Principal Technology Architect of NetActuate.

Mahle further indicated that NetActuate will offer clients in Chennai and other Indian cities access to their global network of 32 additional locations and 2,500 peers. The company says that it possesses expertise for startups to quickly and easily deploy cloud and bare metal resources from all of their strategic locations.

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