Net Potatoes, Beware of WWW

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Monicagate story, best source? Internet. Cricket score, hook to the
Net. Bookworms, WWW is the choice. Business on-line, or E-mails, … all credit to
Internet. Well, what does one see and feel about Internet? A positive phenomenon. Apropos,
better and easier communication and a mega-library of information. Hocus-pocus or hobby
horse, the Net opportunity is a state of necessity for some, an entertainment media for
others, a means for quenching curiosity, an escape from boredom, … whatever form it may
assume I-access driving people to become Net potatoes. Net-effect? Probably, many would be
nescient about the Net-side-effects on an individual. It, more than increasing social
interaction, aggravates depression and loneliness.

The Telegraph Group Ltd, London, recently reported that a study
commissioned by leading technology companies to find out the implications of Internet
surfing, has come up with concrete evidence that Net surfing at home increases depression
and loneliness. Unbelievable. In fact, so were Intel, HP, and Apple Computers, those who
have been involved in funding the research project. The study showed that the participants
mainly used Internet more for its social aspects, like E-mail, than for reading or
watching videos. And their physical interaction with friends and family members declined
in comparison with the amount of time they spent on-line.

Why the psychological depression? Social scientists are yet to come out
with a candid reason. The logic so far is that people give up day-to-day contact and find
depressed or because they are exposed to a larger world, they wonder and ponder about what
they are doing. Harming or harnessing, the debate has just got initiated. And certainly
will not be carrying a "Net-mailing is injurious to health" statutory warning,
in the near future.

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