Net Neutrality: Let the market forces and consumer choices play out

NEW DELHI: Sanjay Kapoor, Chairman, Micromax, has said that the telcos should concentrate on strengthening their quality of services and let the market forces decide on net neutrality.

He said: Given the situation in India on spectrum which is limited and given the networks which are already very tight and congested, I think in the market the market forces play their role.
Similarly, on net neutrality let the market forces play their role and the net needs to be neutral and the consumers need to have a choice and if somebody pushes on you application that you don’t want or gives you better services on applications you don’t fancy, then it’s no good to you so I think that choice should be left to the consumers.

And today net and the netizens have so much of empowerment and so much of choice to choose from globally. I think practically to tame them is not possible, I would strongly believe that let the market forces and consumer choices play out.

The operators have to make sure that the experience on data which really in India is a big issue today, now the networks are video-ready networks and the quality of services have almost depleted over the last 12 months or so, I think they should concentrate on strengthening that and then consumer needs to make a choice on which OTT player or application he wants to live his life around.

Applications are not fun things, they are serious services around which individuals live their personal and professional lives and therefore, what suits me is best left to me. Anyway, there are so many consumers, operators, applications and monopolising anyway is not going to help.

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