MRG Effitas security certification for Kaspersky

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New Update

Kaspersky Internet Security has received certification for its protection of financial information from MRG Effitas.


According to the results of the quarterly efficacy assessment of online transaction security conducted by MRG Effitas, the Kaspersky lab product passed every test that assessed protection against malware, identity theft and Man-in-the-Middle attacks.

MRG Effitas assessed the reliability and efficiency of each solution separately. The solutions were first tested on how well they cope with malware designed to steal financial data. A total of 322 samples were used, and all of them were successfully identified and blocked by Kaspersky Internet Security, a statement said.

The second phase of the study involved malware samples from three of the most dangerous botnets — ZeuS, Citadel and SpyEye.


The test systems were infected using existing droppers for botnets whose command servers were located in an isolated environment. In order to pass the test, the solution had to prevent leakage of logins and passwords when an attempt was made to pay via PayPal, and Kaspersky Internet Security successfully coped with the task, the statement added.

The last phase of the study was to simulate a Man-in-the-Middle attack, during which the "attackers" hacked an SSL session between the client and financial websites. This type of attack allows criminals to gain access to confidential data such as passwords, credit card numbers, etc. But, the Kaspersky Lab product successfully repelled the attack.

“We believe that users will find an Internet security solution that hardens their existing browser less intrusive on their daily activities than one that employs a separate proprietary browser that may appear alien and limit them from conducting other work while it is active,” said Sveta Miladinov, CEO, MRG Effitas.

“Protecting users’ online financial transactions is a top priority for Kaspersky Lab products. Practice shows that Kaspersky Internet Security not only protects transactions but also makes it as user-friendly as possible,” said Oleg Ishanov, Director of Anti-Malware Research at Kaspersky Lab.