Molex unveils MIIM 2.0

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New Update

Molex Premise Networks unveils an upgraded version 2.0 of MIIM Advanced Physical Layer Management solution. This solution enhances the value of enterprises. This solution gives a complete access to network managers into the physical layer infrastructure while detecting physical channel changes in real time from the switch to the work area device regardless of whether powered on or off. . This upgraded version immediately senses when there is a physical change in the channel and what specific devices are affected by the change while pinpointing the exact location of the device on a building map. Another prominent feature of the solution is that it communicates with other systems using SNMP for faster and more accurate updates on the status of their Ethernet channels.

This latest version 2.0 is also designed with MIIM's Device Discovery Toolkit which includes three types of discovery-Global Discovery, Directed Discovery and Event-Driven Discovery. All three discovery types populate the MAC and IP addresses of any discovered devices to the MIIM database including WAP's or VOIP phones plus the discovery of other devices attached to the device at the end of the channel. Global Discovery of devices, either a scheduled or on-demand polling, enables the discovery of any device attached to any switch connected to MIIM. Directed Discovery allows the user to determine end device information for specific switch addresses. Unique to MIIM is Event-Driven Discovery that immediately detects and communicates changes to a complete channel when devices are added or removed. Reporting of network status is made easier than ever with version 2.0, with a variety of report templates, definable reporting parameters, and the ability to view reports on the screen or export report files in PDF, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel formats.

Chip Baines, Global Director of Development and Product Management at Molex Premise Networks, comments, “As Molex continues to invest, develop and work with customers, we want to ensure that MIIM users and partners alike are armed with the most comprehensive management tool for their physical layer. MIIM will continue to evolve as we challenge the traditional boundaries of intelligent management solutions and search for ways to deliver new and valuable information that can positively impact our customers' business. MIIM Advanced Physical Layer Management transforms the meaning of 'intelligence' for the industry”.