Mention do not display my ID to maintain privacy: TRAI

NEW DELHI: Telecom regulator TRAI has said that email ids of people will not be disclosed if they mention ‘Do not display my id’ in their response to the consultation papers on net neutrality.

TRAI had received a lot of flak for making public more than one million email ids of all the stakeholders who had responded to its consultation paper on net neutrality, said that it will not display IDs if anyone specifically state so in their counter comments.

“All stakeholders are hereby informed that during submission of their counter comments, if anyone desires that his/her email id should not be displayed, it may be specifically stated so in the email. But please display your proper name for identification and display in the counter comments,” it said in a statement.

After processing the received emails, filtering various spam emails, duplicate emails etc and for proper display in the Web, these emails were uploaded on TRAI website, the regulator said.

“Since many of the emails had only email id as the header, for easy identification of the stakeholders comments, the comments were segregated date-wise along with their email ids and uploaded,” it added.

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