MediaTek is playing a major role in enhancing the technology base

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How geared up is MediaTek to bring system-on-chip (SoC) to the Indian


MediaTek India Technology is playing a major role in enhancing technology base
and providing service to the telecom industry. In terms of providing technology

for wireless handsets, MT622x family is a GSM/GPRS/EDGE multimedia base band

system-on-chip that incorporates advanced multimedia features.


How does the combination of R&D in India and manufacturing in Taiwan prove

beneficial for MediaTek?

MediaTek has R&D offices around the world to better support customers and
co-operate with foundries around the world. An R&D office has been set up in

India, so that we can offer tailor-made handset solutions for the Indian market

and react to customers' demand in real time. Consequently, it leverages India's

expertise in software in particular.

What are your major achievements in the Indian market?

MediaTek is strengthening its base in India and is playing a major role in

enhancing the technology base and providing service to the telecom industry.

Some of its clients in India include FLY Mobile, Usha Lexus, LG, and Spice. High

quality, excellent service, and team spirit are key to MediaTek's success.

Grant Kuo

MD, MediaTek India Technology


With local talents, MediaTek India has been engaged to assist customers in

India to identify and resolve any issue that is “unique” to the Indian

environment in the shortest possible turn-around time. This results in the

fastest time-to-market for innovative products for Indian customers.

A lot of talk is doing the rounds about green chipsets and

energy-efficient products. Has MediaTek taken any initiative in this direction?

MediaTek chipsets have been RoHS qualified since our chipsets have been shipped
around the world. From cost-effective to feature-rich multimedia phones,

MediaTek's system provides the best system current consumption in the world in:

idle mode, digital music playback mode, and digital video playback mode.

Low cost and feature-rich handsets are going to rule in the larger segment

of the market in India? How is MediaTek enabling ODMs to take the growth ladder?

MediaTek provides support to customers in terms of chipset solutions with the
latest technology at affordable cost and also introduces them to the right ODM/OEM

partners. MediaTek India provides two levels of service support in India. The

first level is pre-product launch support, where MediaTek helps Indian customers

and ODM/OEM partners to test solutions that they want to launch in the Indian


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