Mavenir to Deliver Cloud-based 5G Solutions on AWS


Mavenir announced that it will support deployments and integration of cloud-native telecom network functions with telco infrastructure solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Mavenir Collabs with AWS

This collaboration will allow Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to deploy Mavenir’s 4G and 5G products with AWS’s computing infrastructure. This cloud solution will also scale and leverage the tools and technologies offered by AWS to enterprise applications. These tools are generally called Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

The product will let telecom operators offload some of their application business to cloud functions. That will allow telcos to make their processes simpler as well. The solution will also let telcos cut costs by migrating to cloud without any loss in control of their networks.

This collaboration also lowers the network deployment time and cost for MNOs and enterprises equally. That allows it to fulfill use-cases; either adding 5G to an existing network or a greenfield 4G/5G network leveraging public clouds.

“Working with AWS enables us to bring new customer-focused 5G use cases and 5G deployments to the market faster and with unique capabilities to realize true 5G potential,” said Bejoy Pankajakshan, Mavenir’s Chief Strategy Officer. “Mavenir’s solutions are designed to support full public cloud as well as hybrid cloud deployments.”

“We’re delighted to collaborate with Mavenir to offer voice and messaging solutions for core network and RAN customers along with AI/ML solutions for orchestration and observability,” said Amir Rao, General Manager Telco Solution Portfolio and Tech Alliances, AWS.

He further added, “together, we are providing true cloud native benefits to CSP customers, combining Mavenir’s expertise in the NFV market with the global scale of the AWS infrastructure to meet industry challenges of agility, scaling, slicing, and resiliency.”

Product Capabilities

Mavenir’s 4G and 5G deployments on AWS provides unique capabilities, including:

  1. Integrating Mavenir’s cloud-native Open RAN (vDU, vCU-CP, vCU-UP), Converged 4G/5G Packet Core, IMS, and Messaging with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS).
  2. Using AWS platform services and tools to deploy and manage cloud native network functions.
  3. Options to migrate Mavenir’s IMS core, voice, and messaging to Amazon EKS and Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).
  4. Mavenir’s Orchestration and Network Slicing solutions to manage hybrid cloud workloads running on AWS.
  5. Adopting AWS for centrally managed telco workloads on far-edge, network edge and core simultaneously.
  6. Deploying Mavenir’s standards compliant observability framework, RIC, NWDAF, AIOps and Analytics platform in AWS. This allows for collecting data from various AWS nodes in a centrally managed data lake. It also allows processing the data using AI/ML for network wide insights and optimization.
  7. Integration of Mavenir’s telecom adaptation layer (Telco PaaS) as a common open source-based platform adaptation layer designed for telco specific workloads. This allows for supporting various carrier grade requirements on top of Amazon EKS and AWS PaaS functions.

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