Matrix designs exclusive voice, data plans for globetrottersS

To meet the requirements of increasing number of foreign travelers, Matrix Cellular has introduced bundled voice and data plans

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NEW DELHI: Matrix Cellular is the largest country specific SIM card provider offering voice, data and SMS services under the brand Matrix to travelers outbound from India, with a majority market share. These bundled plans encompass over sixteen tourist countries and include the likes of US, UK, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong etc. which attracts high tourist traffic from India. Bundled plans are basically tariff plans incorporating a host of voice and data features.

Over the last few years there has been an increase in the number of leisure as well as corporate travelers to international destinations. To meet the requirements of increasing number of foreign travelers, Matrix Cellular introduced these bundled that includes freebies such as free calls to India, free incoming calls and free data access upto 1 GB. All those going to the US can now avail this plan for just $64.99 which entails free unlimited local and incoming calls, 1200 minutes of free calls to India, unlimited free local calls and data access upto 1 GB. Similarly for UK there is £29.99 plan which comprises of host of features such as free unlimited incoming and outgoing local calls, free calls to India and data access upto 1GB. All the plans entitle a traveler to free incoming calls so that he can stay connected while on the move. Similarly there are attractive plans available for countries like France, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and more.

The company further explained that, as going by the trend of data being used more extensively than ever, many people tend to exhaust their data packs while they are still travelling. So if one consumes over 1GB data on his trip abroad, Matrix will still enable him/her to access data on his smartphone by automatically upgrading him to additional data plan of 100 MB. This way the customer has to pay a minimal price for accessing data rather than paying prices on a per MB basis which can be enormous. So through this initiative Matrix has taken steps to ensure that the customer is saved from bill shocks when he/she is back from his trip abroad.