Managing mobile devices gets easy for mobile-only enterprises

CHENNAI: ManageEngine, the real-time IT management company has announced its enterprise mobility management solution, Mobile Device Manager Plus, which helps organizations to adopt mobile-only and mobile-first IT strategies to track, manage and secure the mobile devices from a centralized dashboard.

“Mobile devices are starting to drown out and replace PCs and laptops on corporate networks,” said Mathivanan Venkatachalam, Director of Product Management at ManageEngine. “For many, mobile is the primary point of engagement — for employees, customers and partners, alike. In response, we’re putting mobility front and center with the release of Mobile Device Manager Plus.”

Mobile Device Manager Plus decouples the mobile device management (MDM) features previously available only in the company’s Desktop Central application and presents them in a mobile-only solution. While MDM is still available in Desktop Central, Mobile Device Manager Plus is geared for organizations that need to manage their mobile devices but have no need to manage traditional PCs or laptops.

Mobile Device Manager Plus offers admins a comprehensive, secure solution to manage mobile devices remotely. Admins can regulate mobile devices to guard against loss or theft of corporate data and to prevent non-approved software installations and unauthorized access to corporate networks.

Other highlights include:

Manage smartphones and tablets running iOS, Android and Windows mobile operating systems

Perform advanced management for Samsung SAFE and KNOX devices

Ensure security by locking devices, erasing data and more

Manage apps and distribute in-house and store apps, black list or white list apps and more

Perform asset management, including view certificates, profiles, restrictions, geo-tracking and more

Manage configurations, including enable passcodes, impose restrictions and more

Mobile Device Manager Plus costs $15 per device annually. The free edition of Mobile Device Manager Plus manages up to five mobile devices.

Source: COIL

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