Limelight Networks helps TOPPR deliver thousands of educational videos to 2.5 Million across India

Limelight Networks Inc.  is helping e-learning company Toppr provide students with best-in-class video delivery performance.

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 Limelight Networks Inc.  is helping e-learning company Toppr provide students with best-in-class video delivery performance and high availability of Toppr’s library of more than 8,000 educational videos.


Based in Mumbai, Toppr personalizes education through technology with a comprehensive after-school learning app for K12 students. The company has more than 5 million student users who use Toppr for their after school learning, many of them are also preparing for various school board exams, Olympiad and scholarship tests as well as engineering and medical college entrance exams. As Toppr’s business expanded, it needed a scalable solution to improve the user experience and deliver video lectures as fast as possible.

“To improve our learning app we conducted extensive testing with multiple Content Delivery Networks (CDN) and chose Limelight because it had the lowest buffer rate by far,” said Rajshekhar Ratrey, Vice President of Knowledge at Toppr. “This is incredibly important since the most important factor in our students’ experiences with Toppr is how fast we can deliver content, especially videos. No one wants to be interrupted by buffering.”

Toppr has implemented Limelight’s CDN to improve video performance, eliminate rebuffering, ensure high availability and improve workflows. To select the right solution, Toppr tested 200 videos through four CDNs. During the head-to-head comparisons, Limelight had the fastest performance allowing them to easily upload, store and deliver 8,000 hours of video without rebuffering. Toppr is also using Limelight’s Origin Storage, which provides automated regional replication to ensure fast storage retrieval and thebest possible user experience for students.


“Toppr is a great example of an eLearning company using innovative technology to deliver the best learning experience for students,” said Jaheer Abbas, Senior Director, Southeast Asia and India at Limelight. “We’re happy to work with them to help improve the education process by ensuring that video content is easy to upload, store and use.”