LIKE pioneers video editing app with Sci-Fi 3D magic effects

NEW DELHI: LIKE app has stirred the video editing app segment by becoming the first app of digital India with inbuilt Sci-Fi 3D Magic Effects.

According to an earlier press release by the company, LIKE app had clicked with over one million users in the first week of its launch.

LIKE says that the company’s app has appealed millions of talented and creative users. LIKE app has impressed celebrities and have become popular on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with their 3D visual effects videos.

Sci-Fi 3D Magic effects can easily produce visuals like vanishing and reappearing, zooming or flying out of the frame, rendering effects without even being present in the frame and many more. These effects boost the entertainment quotient of the video editing experience as well as becomes a visual delight for the viewers. This is the reason that several celebrities are using it actively to one-up their image of a performer. Not only this, the app users are being given opportunity to dance or perform to meet their creative challenges on the app.

Till now, cinema lovers have been enchanted by 3D effects in multiplexes wearing 3D glasses but creating one’s own flick which requires no glasses and indulging in spell-binding 3D magic in an app is the new way of showcasing talent. With several video editing apps swarming the internet, app with Sci-Fi 3D Magic effects has already paved its way through users’ hearts. Being the need of the hour to aid talented performance, this feature is a must in video editing apps and tools.

India has an ocean of unrealized talent which is waiting to be unleashed and LIKE app prove to be a digital threshold for the hidden or forgotten performer in them along with Sci-Fi 3D Magic visual effects.

Aaron Wei, Spokesperson, LIKE recently said, “3D effects have moved their generic destination from heavy machines to your android smart phone. The tedious time-consuming process has been reduced to a few clicks and your Sci-Fi magic is neatly created within minutes.”

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