Launch of The Pridebook, an extensive networking platform for the LGBTQ community

‘The Pridebook’, a comprehensive networking platform for the LGBTQ community announces its launch. This platform provides a medium where in they can connect

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The Pridebook

The Pridebook’, a comprehensive networking platform for the LGBTQ community announces its launch. This platform provides a medium where in the LGBTQ community can connect, interact, seek counselling, explore job opportunities, and much more on the lines of ‘Facebook’. Formed in September 2018 with its headquarters at Bangalore. ‘The Pridebook’ is the brain child of Anoop Murali and Chandan Das, who are also the founders of Teknode Infosystems Pvt. Ltd., a company that caters to GPS based tracking solutions.


‘The Pridebook’ website is in the alpha testing phase and is presently available in over 40 international languages with the intention to add all major Indian languages soon. The aim is to give a secured environment for the LGBTQ to connect, network, socialize and flourish. The long-term goal of the platform is to bring the LGBTQ community closer to mainstream society following the recent record ruling of section 377.

Adds Mr. Anoop Murali, Founding Member of ‘The Pridebook’ – “In my early days, we observed many instances of cruel and unsavory treatment often meted out to the transgender community in specific starting from roadside begging to sex trafficking. This unjust discrimination gave us a vision to create a safe space, acceptance and openness for the LGBTQ community. ‘The Pridebook’ is an effort to debunk various myths and misconception about this community, their practices and their preferences by the outside world. The platform intends to introduce a host of engaging features like - live chat, group chat, community groups, audio/video sharing, vocational training opportunities etc., along with advisory support from organizations such as the Solidarity Foundation.’’

On Sep 6th 2018, the historic verdict of The Supreme Court of India scrapped Section 377 of the IPC, decriminalizing the 158-year-old colonial law which criminalizes consensual gay sex. Now, when India's LGBTQ community is finally rejoicing, it’s the perfect opportunity to provide them with more opportunities and acceptance with the launch of ‘’. The idea of this widespread networking is also being supported by famed LGBTQ activists Akkai Padmashali and Dr. Ali Khwaja.


On one hand, there are people from the LGBTQ community who are bringing in change and transformation, on the other hand a large portion of the community is ignored and forced into unhealthy opportunities to earn a livelihood. Addressing such issues, ‘The Pridebook’ is focused to create a safe environment for the LGBTQ community and help them lead better lives.

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