L&T Infotech teams with SEEBURGER

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New Update

L&T Infotech has teamed with SEEBURGER for a strategic partnership, in order to increase U.S. implementation resources for the latter's electronic data interchange (EDI) and business-to-business integration (B2B) software. With this, L&T Infotech would provide both sales and deployment services for the SEEBURGER Business Integration Server and associated solutions.

L&T Infotech has nine U.S. offices with dedicated teams in key industry sectors with EDI/B2B needs, including technology, manufacturing, finance, healthcare and energy/petrochemicals. The firm has extensive SAP and Oracle expertise as well as B2B systems integration experience, making it possible to support customers who are deploying the SEEBURGER platform in conjunction with an update, migration or implementation of a new ERP system.

The relationship grew out of a joint implementation for a major U.S. technology distribution company that deployed SEEBURGER Solutions to automate supply chain communications with its trading partners. The two firms divided architecture, deployment and map development responsibilities for that project, enabling L&T Infotech to develop expertise in SEEBURGER implementations.