Kratos’ Kuberplay promises to boost monetization options for app developers

The Kratos has launched Kuberplay, an SDK-based service, which offers a solution for app developers to monetize their applications,

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BENGALURU: Singapore-headquartered The Kratos has launched Kuberplay, an SDK-based service, which offers a solution for app developers to monetize their applications, retain users and enhance consumer experience by empowering mobile users who choose to watch videos, subscribe to services, install applications and participate in other types of advertisements.


Kratos explained that the developer integrates Kuberplay to his app, and while customers use the app, it will display a list of app download offers with a fixed gratification against each offer. For e.g.: If a customer is playing the free version of a game, or listening to the free song of a movie app, then on downloading and installing an app from the Kuberplay’s offer wall, the customer will get virtual coins or give user access to the paid version of the game or one more premium song or film.

Kuberplay aims to help app developers monetize their app, especially the customers who access only the free component of the app, desire the complete app but are unable to buy the app because they are expensive. The global purchase of in-app purchase is only 2%; through Kuberplay this can increase up to 10% helping them towards financially viable business models. By integrating Kuberplay into their app the revenue of an App Developer in consumer premium space can increase by 25 to 30%.

Revealing statistical information about the app development market, the press release indicated that India has around 300,000 app developers, and is the second largest Android developer community in the world. With the average mobile app usage in India growing by at least 131%, India has outpaced the global growth rate in app development. The app development has created about 75,000 direct jobs in India, and has the potential to reach 600,000 over a period of time. However, monetization of app development remains a challenge. Over 70% of app developers close shop because of inability to monetize their apps.

Commenting on the launch, Upal Pradhan, Founder and CEO, Kratos, said, “Kuberplay, will change the game for app developers, and this will be the impetus for an evolution in mobile app development. The mobile has become a part of individual’s life management, and there is considerable development happening and possible through creation of new apps. We are happy to contribute towards this, as it will unleash the creativity and innovation, that earlier faced the challenge of monetization. As a company, we have always been innovative in using our competencies in technology and our deep understanding of the mobile ecosystem to create platforms that provide a win-win scenario for all. We are hoping for this to be a complete game changer for the mobile app ecosystem.”

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