Justice Santosh Hegde

VoicenData Bureau
New Update

Santosh Hegde was appointed as chairperson, TDSAT on 27 June

2005. In this capacity, he will perhaps be best known for setting the record

straight that dispute resolution is not in the purview of TRAI. He also took a

step in making the service providers more accountable to the consumers by

allowing groups of individuals to approach the TDSAT for redress. He also played

an important role in the lowering of levy on private operators, and he was

appreciated by the industry for accepting that the levy of 6% of AGR was to be

only on the revenues that the likenesses earned from commercial activities

allowed by the license. While the reduction of tariffs now seems to be on an

auto pilot, it is the well-considered acts by people like Justice Hegde, that

are really behind the moving the telecom industry in a direction where the end

consumer is also benefited.