After JioPhone Next, Reliance might launch a Smart TV, Tablet in 2022

According to a report by 91Mobiles, Reliance may have started work on a smart TV and a tablet, after the recently launched smartphone, the JioPhone Next.

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According to a report by 91Mobiles, Reliance may have started work on a smart TV and a tablet. Notably, that would represent Reliance's deeper interest in consumer electronics after the recently launched entry-level smartphone, the JioPhone Next.


Reliance Looking at Consumer Electronics after JioPhone Next

The products, if they ever see the light of day, represent a move to capture the large consumer electronics market in India. Particularly, Jio will look to price these products aggressively and target entry-level customers. After the success of the JioPhone series of phones, Reliance seeks to further delve into electronics, taking a "Samsung route", so to speak.

According to the report, Reliance might look to solidify its partnership with Google with a range of Android-powered devices. Notably, Reliance has already got its take on Android, PragatiOS, running on JioPhone Next. It can only be speculated that similar versions of Android might power the new devices. Incidentally, Reliance has precedent as well, to look beyond mobiles; almost all the companies that make smartphones have ventured into smart TVs and tablets. For example, companies like Xiaomi, Realme, Nokia, and Motorola have both smartphone and smart TV offerings in India.

The tablet will at least use the PragatiOS, according to reports. However, Jio and Google will have to optimize the OS and apps for tablet use. The tablet will almost certainly be an entry-level offering. Interestingly, around the start of the year, there was a lot of buzz around a potential laptop from Jio. The telco might have toned that down to a tablet, however, all of that remains speculative. So far, nothing has come out from either Reliance or Google.

On the other hand, the smart TV has a similar level of speculative air around it. So far, all that is known is that Jio might use another version of PragatiOS for the smart TV, and preload it with Jio apps. Again, there is nothing official, so we don't know what the sizes might be, or anything else for that matter. However, 91Mobiles reported that the smart TV might come bundled with a JioFiber subscription, which would make a lot of sense.

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