JioPages Now Available on Google Play for Android TV

Reliance Jio announced the launch of their web browser, JioPages, on Android TV for all the users across the world, after it was launched on Google Play.

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Reliance Jio announced the launch of their web browser, JioPages, for Android TV users all around the world. Incidentally, it was only available of Reliance Jio set-top boxes before today.


What is JioPages?

It is a made in India browser that is specifically designed for TV screens. First, JioPages provides an enhanced browsing experience through faster engine migration. Also, it provides the users best-in-class webpage rendering, faster page load, efficient media streaming. Furthermore, JioPages comes equipped with latest encryption technology. Interestingly, JioPages has been available for android mobile users on Google Play Store since 2018. Furthermore, it has received a good response with 10 Million+ downloads in a short span of 25 months.

JioPages: A Feature-Rich Browser for Android TV

JioPages has much more to offer beyond conventional browsing experience. The web browser has a lot of interesting features for the users. And here is a look at the key features that set the browser apart from its competitors.

  • Videos Section: Curated content- Over 10k+ videos, categorized in 20+ categories (Music, Movies ,Kids, Lifestyle, News, & more)
    • JioPages home page showcases curated videos from 20+ categories
    • Introduced this feature to ease process of content discovery on TV
  • Regional Content: The browser supports eight Indian languages: Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali. Users also have the option of customizing news feed according to their preferred language.
  • Browsing Modes: Comes with 2 modes
    • Private Browsing On Family Device: Incognito Mode
    • The Incognito mode enables private browsing by preventing browsing history from being stored in the system.
  • Read & Watch Trending News: Users can watch trending news in their preferred language & even download e-newspapers to read news on a bigger screen
  • Quicklinks: Access top sites with one click: Users can visit top sites from JioPages home screen with one click, anytime.
  • Download Manager: The browser comes with in-built Download Manager. Users can download image, video, document etc. & view/read them on TV screen.
  • Bookmarks & history management: Bookmark website of your choice & access your browsing history.
  • In-built PDF Reader: Users can easily download PDFs and read documents on their TV screen.
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