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Jio AirFiber is now accessible in 115 cities

As many as 115 Indian cities currently have Jio’s 5G Fixed-Wireless Access (FWA) service accessible. On September 19, 2023, the telco launched Jio AirFibre in eight cities. Its services are now available in more than 115 cities throughout several states, having grown quickly. Jio offers AirFiber and AirFiber Max, two different plan kinds for its Fiber service. Keep in mind that if the user chooses a 12-month plan, the installation fee of Rs1000 is waived.

Here are the current regions where Reliance Jio’s AirFiber service is available: Gujarat, Maharashtra, Telangana, West Bengal, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, and Andhra Pradesh.

It is accessible in numerous Andhra Pradesh cities, including Visakhapatnam, Tirupati, and Vijayawada. The service is available in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Nanded, Nasik, and other cities in Maharashtra. Similarly, the service is currently operational in other cities in other states as well. Reliance Jio will offer its service in a lot more places by the end of 2023. Check the official website of the telecom company to see if it is available where you live.

There are free OTT (over-the-top) features included with the service. Whichever package you choose, you will receive OTT perks regardless of price. Secondly, the absence of fiber deployment in your neighborhood prevents you from connecting to high-speed wireless networks inside your house. The Jio AirFiber plans can be really beneficial in this kind of situation.

Keep in mind that Jio AirFiber and JioFiber have distinct plans. Plans are divided into two groups. Jio AirFiber Max is the first, while Jio AirFiber vanilla is the second. Jio AirFiber Max plans come in three varieties. Rs 1499, Rs 2499, and Rs 3999 are the prices of these plans.

Users who choose the Rs 2499 package will receive 500 Mbps of speed, while those who choose the Rs 1499 plan would receive 300 Mbps. Users can access 1000 Mbps of speed with the Rs 3999 subscription. Users may get 550+ digital channels, 14 over-the-top applications, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and JioCinema Premium with any of the three tiers.

Jio AirFiber offers three different plans. The price of these plans is Rs 1199, Rs 899, and Rs 599. While the Rs 899 and Rs 1199 plans offer 100 Mbps of speed, the Rs 599 plan only delivers 30 Mbps. Users are provided with unlimited data with all subscriptions.

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