Jaswant Singh

VoicenData Bureau
New Update

As the Chairman of the Group on Telecommunications (GoT) at

the time of formulation of NTP 1999, Jaswant Singh came out with four remarkable

suggestions which have subsequently accepted by the government, has shaped the

current telecom industry. These are, opening up of national long-distance

telecom services to private operators from January 1, 2000, review of opening of

international long distance telephony to competition by the year 2004, assigning

of arbitration role to TRAI and corporatization of the Telecommunication

Department by 2001. With GoT's recommendation, the government has decided to

strengthen the role of TRAI by assigning to it the arbitration function for

resolving any dispute between the government and any licencee. Also, Singh has

strongly advocated that the government should not allow voice telephony on the

Internet, as the internet service providers will also become fixed telephone

service providers.