Jagdish N Sheth

VoicenData Bureau
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Agreed, he is a consumer-marketing guru! But, why is he

featured here in the list of techno-men-inventors, technopreneurs, and

techno-managers? The answer is simple: because of his contribution to the world

of telecom.

The name of this commerce graduate from University of Madras,

belonging to the batch of 1960, is familiar in the US telecom industry. Some of

his thoughts about the dynamics of telecom markets are really nonconformist.

Yet, the whole industry listens when he makes a point. One such much-debated

prophecy of Dr Sheth is the ultimate separation of integrated services business

from the network operation business. "If any operator wants to provide all

services, it will be too costly for it to do build the network(s) and yet be

profitable," he said. He is one of the few thinkers who believes strongly

in the viability of the MVNO model. His theories have also influenced many top

practicing managers in global telecom.

One noteworthy idea from Dr Sheth is what can be termed as

the victory of information over computing.