Jagdeep Shah

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Dr Jagdeep Shah made a number of seminal contributions to

optical and electrical properties of semiconductors, ultra-fast coherent and

incoherent dynamics in semiconductors and their nano-structures, and to the

understanding of ultra-fast dynamics of electronic, opto-electronics and

photonic devices.

He was a distinguished member of technical staff at Bell

Laboratories, Lucent Technologies (1996—2001), and at Bell Laboratories,

AT&T (1985—1996). Dr Shah is recipient of the Max Born Award from the

Optical Society of America (2000), Distinguished Traveling Lecturer Award from

the American Physical Society (1996-1998), Humboldt US Senior Scientist Award

(1990), and the Bell Labs Distinguished Member of Technical Staff Award (1985).

He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and the Optical Society of


The MIT PhD holder is now a program manager with the

microsystems technology office of the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects

Agency) of US Defense Department. He is engaged in basic and applied research on

chip-scale wavelength division multiplexing and optical code division multiple