iPhone and SanDisk 16 Gb microSDHC memory card are comparable solutions

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New Update

Tell us about the new 16 Gb microSDHC memory card.

Our new product, the 16 Gb memory card is meant for fully exploiting the

multi-functionality of the mobile device. With this device, consumers can access

a variety of applications and enhance storage capacity of their mobile phones to

a great extent. The users can store more music, images, videos and maps. The

good thing is that SanDisk is providing the same storage capacity that a 16 Gb

iPhone or a Nokia N96 offers, with the flexibility of being able to easily

transfer content. With a 16 Gb microSDHC card, one can use his content in

multitude of devices-mobile phone, Sansa Fuze, video camera, etc. SanDisk allows

the consumer to use one card to power the content on all their devices.


How important is the launch of this product in India for SanDisk?

India is an important market for us. India, being a country with a huge

mobile user base, offers us great opportunity to grow. People here are

increasingly moving toward digital lifestyles. Of the entire mobile users, at

least 40% have a multi-media handset, which means there is a huge demand for

devices that allow the users to store large amount of data. Recently, iPhone was

launched in India with high storage capacity; our 16 Gb microSDHC also offers

equal storage. They are comparable solutions. This makes the introduction of our

new product very crucial.

What is the latest trend in the digital gadget market, particularly in


The digital gadget market in APAC at present is growing. Consumers like to

carry a large variety and amount of content with them so that they can access it

anywhere and anytime. Mobile has become a multi-function device. Digital gadget

manufacturers will have to develop compact devices with large storage space, so

that there is no need to delete any data. SanDisk is focused on tailoring such

competitive devices which have a strong value proposition in the markets.


What is your pricing strategy for India?

Price is an important factor for all markets. In India, we have priced the

16 Gb memory card at Rs 4,499, which I believe is a competitive value.

What is your growth strategy for the Indian market?

The Indian market is big and we want to tap every opportunity available.

Here, people are moving toward useing storage devices. There is still need for

educating the consumers about the importance of high capacity cards, so that the

market can be exploited to the fullest.

Heena Jhingan