IoT, M2M, 5G are key trends for T&M companies: Vasudev Tantry, Anritsu India

By Sanjeeb SahooIt is important to have partnership with vendors who have strong feature roadmap and development plans, and to select solutions that are easy to scale up to new technologies. In an interview with Voice&Data,  Vasudev Tantry, Country Manager at Anritsu, a leading Test & Measurement company shares his thoughts on staying a step ahead of what customers need.

Voice&Data: What are some of the notable changing needs and expectations of enterprises when making ICT purchase decisions, and how are you responding to those needs?

Vasudev Tantry:  Due to the fact that the development life cycle of any product is shrinking, Test & Measurement (T&M) vendors like Anritsu need to be one step ahead to provide the state-of-the-art and latest technology support to the customers. Expectations of faster ROI make all capital investments like T&M more challenging and the customers are always looking at flexible commercial solutions.

Voice&Data: What new opportunities and challenges do you see presented (for enterprises) by programs like “Make in India” and “Digital India”? How should that, in your view, shape the ICT buying decisions of enterprises?

Vasudev Tantry: The potential opportunities that programs like “Digital India” and “Make in India” bring to the industry including T&M are immense. The challenge especially for a program like “Make in India” is to build the required ecosystem in totality. Without the total ecosystem in place (design, development, fabrication, etc.), the local value addition will be minimal which will take away the price advantages of any local manufacturing.

Voice&Data: What are the key technology trends? How mature are the various “digital” themes of social, mobility, analytics and cloud now for the consumption of enterprises?

Vasudev Tantry: As far as T&M industry is concerned, IoT, M2M and 5G are the key technology trends for the near future. 2G, 3G is a passé and 4G has reached a maturity stage and will play a key role in taking broadband to the masses and government’s digital initiative/governance activities.

Voice&Data: Considering the disruptions posed to businesses due to rapid digitization of the marketplaces, how do you work with enterprises to future-proof their ICT investments? Any specific examples?

Vasudev Tantry: In an industry like T&M, having collaboration partners is the key to stay ahead in the market and succeed. Anritsu works closely with many such partners to establish a mutually beneficial arrangement to tackle rapid changes in the technology adaptations.

Voice&Data: For enterprises, how good is a pay-as-you-go model versus the more traditional models like license-based? What would an ideal model be like?

Vasudev Tantry: The commercial and licensing models will differ and is purely situation-based. Any long term project will follow traditional model and short term engagement/project will adopt pay-as-you-use model.

Voice&Data: What key considerations should today’s enterprise ICT buyers make to ensure they are investing in the right technologies, products or services?

Vasudev Tantry: To future-proof investments, it is important to have partnership with vendors who have strong feature roadmap and development plans and to select solutions that are easy to scale up to new technologies.

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