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IoT and Aatmanirbhar

The IoT industry is different from pure software startups. A lot of upfront investment is needed for R&D







By Abhishek Latthe

The Indian IoT market is maturing with large corporates willing to make investments in IoT deployments. It has the potential to become the 3rd largest IoT market globally.

SenseGiz is an Indian IoT (Internet of Things) Startup focused on Enterprise and Industrial IoT Solutions for Sensor-based Condition Monitoring, Security, and real-time Asset / People tracking applications. Last year, the Indian cricket team (see picture) used its sensors and devices to create a Bio Bubble of safety for players.

Abhishek Latthe, Founder & CEO of SenseGiz – a pioneer in enterprise level IoT solutions – shares his thoughts on the Aatmanirbhar and PLI initiatives and how it impacts the IoT industry.


This policy has definitely boosted domestic design and manufacturing in India. We have seen a sea of change compared to 5 years back especially in the ESDM/IoT industry. Now we don’t have to rely on overseas vendors or supply chain partners given the robust ecosystem in India.

Has it been good for IoT?

IoT Startups need a lot of time initially for R&D, building products, and scale. We are different from pure software startups. A lot of upfront investment is needed for R&D. All our design, firmware, and software development, as well as assembly, happens in Belgaum Karnataka. Partnerships/memberships with various Govt and private bodies like IESA, ESC, and MAIT have helped us to be connected to the community.

IoT Startups like ours have benefited from state and central policies supporting Startups through subsidies, credits for doing research, and exports. We have received marketing assistance to participate in Exhibitions abroad. Tax breaks could help in creating a bigger base of successful IoT product companies.

People Tracking for Cricketers Using SenseGiz





Latthe is the Founder & CEO of SenseGiz

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