IOCL to supply diesel to Indus’ Jaunpur telecom site under Fuel@Doorstep initiative

To prevent the growing diesel theft and malpractices, Indus Towers, the world’s largest telecom tower company (outside China), in partnership with Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL), have launched Fuel@doorstep – an initiative to deliver diesel at Indus’ telecom sites in Jaunpur through a fully automated & geo-fenced mobile dispenser.

The initiative was launched on November 30th in presence of Bimal Dayal, CEO, Indus Towers Ltd and Sanjeev Kumar Jain, Executive Director-Retail Sales, Indian Oil Corporation.

The mobile dispenser, which has been approved by Petrol and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO), will have RFIDs (Radio Frequency Identification Device) installed at the nozzle of mobile dispenser and diesel tanks at each of the Indus sites by which diesel will be dispensed only when these RFIDs will get connected and geo-fencing senses the vehicle reaching at site.

The heavy-duty pump will have automation facility, using which the fuel in tanks and the nozzle can all be monitored with one click. Supply of diesel will be maintained through the online centralized control system and the same will be minutely monitored with the help of geo-fencing and RFID. The dispenser has the ability to become inactive as soon as it crosses a geo-fenced area. This automated system will also help authorities monitor the pump, get an estimate of the fuel required at the depot and billing at site.

Starting from Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh, this initiative will be replicated by Indus across other regions. This system will help reduce diesel pilferage as fueling can be monitored live through handheld terminal which also shows the quantity of diesel delivered, amount and retail selling price at the depot as well.

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