“We are Investing in India Through Job Creation”

In an exclusive Conversation with Rajneesh De, Voice and Data, Arvind Mehra, CSG talks about his company and how can CSG  help telecom operators, Etc.  Excerpts:

How does the company look growing its operations in India. Why do you think today is the right time to grow in India?

CSG is growing key parts of its organization, including Bangalore, where the company isexpandingits India Delivery Center as a key solution delivery hub.  There is a strong talent pool in the market and there has never been a better time to grow in India where exciting shifts in the market are taking place. India is experiencing trends from the emergence of Smart City initiatives, to the digitization of the cable television industry, to a focus on bringing the world’s next billion internet users online, many of whom will come from India.  In this market, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are transforming their businesses to support the growing demand for mobile, connected services and CSG specializes in helping CSPs create and generate revenues from those services.

What kind of investments is CSG going to make in India over the next couple of years? Where will these investments be going?

CSG is investing in India through job creation.  We expect to reach approximately 1,000 employees in Bangalore before 2020 as part of the growth of our India Delivery Center over time.

What are your growth plans for your India operations? How important is India going to be for CSG in the coming months?

CSG currently has approximately 500 employees in Bangalore and expects to nearly double in size by the end of next year.  As part of its India Delivery Center, the company will create new jobs in development, automation and testing for a variety of CSG’s solutions.  Over the course of the coming months, we believe that it will be very important for CSG to be close to its regional clients while they are experiencing the need to evolve their businesses to support digital services and create new, profitable business models that support emerging technologies such as smart cities.

Please share details on some of the core technologies that CSG will be working on while hiring manpower in India?

CSG is expanding the company’s presence in the region where it is helping its clients tackle the challenges of serving the next billion mobile internet consumers with new digital services, and the growth of connected services in new smart cities.  One of the core technologies that CSG uses to support these digital, connected services is our Ascendon digital services platform, designed to help our customers monetize their digital content and IoT offerings. While our Bangalore-based team will work on a variety of solutions, regardless of the technology, our employees will be working to meet the most pressing and complex needs of our clients’ businesses, as they evolve to generate profits from new digital services.

Today’s telecom operators are facing a lot of pressure to do more with their existing network infrastructure. How can CSG help in this direction?

Telecom operators worldwide are focused on how to innovate, quickly, while managing and continuing to improve their existing networks.CSG is helping its customers in the telecom industry and beyond to leverage the cloud to reach three significant steps: drive down recurring operational costs, introduce new cloud-based services, and to improve and personalize their customer service. CSG has a deep history and expertise with creating and operating cloud-based solutions and is introducing new cloud-native products, and providing the expertise to help our customers navigate this complex landscape and deliver a differentiated experience to their customers.  

Please share some of the big innovations that CSG is driving in the market today?

Among the new technologies and resources that CSPs will need to take advantage of the opportunities of the increasingly mobile worldare those that make mobile content easily accessible and easy to pay for on-the-go.  CSG has created its Ascendon digital services platformto offer innovative OTT content, customer experience and digital service monetization solutions for many of the world’s most innovative communications and entertainment brands worldwide.  We are excited to expand our India operations and further grow our client base in this important, emerging market.


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