We provide live view of ANTS being used elsewhere in world: Atlantis

ANTS allows users to automatically complete ‘Site Acceptances’ and ’System defined Milestones’, while also bringing greater standardization and removal of human intervention to the process of network roll out and optimization

Pradeep Chakraborty
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Pankaj Trehan.

Atlantis Intelligence Ltd, (formally, Linkquest Technologies Ltd) was founded in 1996. Current management took over in 2008. It has grown to becoming the leading telecom solution services provider in India and globally. It also provides cloud native remote service to a host of global clients comprising of all the major operators and OEMs in over 30 countries through the ANTS platform.


Pankaj Trehan, Business Head, America, Atlantis Intelligence, tells us more. Excerpts from an interview:

VnD: Can you elaborate on your strategic plans for expanding into the Latin America region? What opportunities do you see in this market?

Pankaj Trehan: Latin America is on the cusp of a significant transformation, with 5G subscribers expected to leap from 5% to over 55% by 2030, driven by robust government initiatives, digital infrastructure improvements, and concerted efforts from both public and private sectors. Our ANTS platform is ideally suited to support this transition, as it automates and digitizes site and cluster performance, ensures the networks meet key performance indicators efficiently and ultimately reduces the truck rolls. This all culminates to significant cost savings for operators.


The rising demand for automation and cost-effective solutions, coupled with the expansion of 5G networks and strong support from governments and the private sector, presents a tremendous growth opportunity in Latin America. Leveraging our proven technology and strategic local partnerships, we are well-positioned to capitalize on these opportunities and drive the region's network enhancement.

VnD: What challenges do you anticipate in the Latin American market, and how do you plan to address them?

Pankaj Trehan: Expanding into the Latin American market presents challenges, such as cultural diversity, economic instability, currency fluctuations, and complex tax structures. To address these, we have partnered with local telecom companies to ensure effective customer engagement and service delivery. Additionally, we are working with local financial advisors to navigate tax complexities and currency issues, adopting flexible pricing models and leveraging local market knowledge.


VnD: How do you envision your strategic partnerships in Latin America enhancing your business operations and growth?

Pankaj Trehan: As mentioned earlier, partnering with local vendors helps us navigate cultural and linguistic barriers effectively, ensuring our communications and services resonate well. The deep understanding of local customs, business practices, and market dynamics boosts comprehension and reception.

These partnerships will enable swift scalability across Latin America, leveraging local resources and expertise to meet market demands promptly. We share resources, leading to significant cost savings and operational efficiencies. Using the unique strengths of local vendors, we will address the specific needs of the Latin American telecom market, fostering ANTS platform adoption and sustainable growth.


VnD: Can you explain the key features and benefits of your ANTS platform?

Pankaj Trehan: ANTS automates the ‘Drive Test’ and process of rolling out, monitoring and maintaining acceptance criteria of new site or layer build in existing networks. ANTS allows users to automatically complete ‘Site Acceptances’ and ’System defined Milestones’, while also bringing greater standardization and removal of human intervention to the process of network roll out and optimization. ANTS works along with drive test tools like TEMS and NEMO. It is beneficial to the operator, OEM and the service vendor on ground.

ANTS enhances the overall Quality of Experience (QoE) by identifying gaps in parameters of the network and optimising them much quicker than is possible by manual intervention. It also provides an ETSI compliant Network Performance Score and RCA for score improvement, which allows the user to benchmark, compare and rank the quality of a network across different geographies for an operator, or compare the network quality of several operators in multiple countries.


VnD: How do you demonstrate capabilities of ANTS platform to prospective clients?

Pankaj Trehan: We offer product demos and presentations as part of our initial sharing program. We then back up our claims with evidence through pilot or PoCs with customers. Alternatively, we provide a live view of ANTS being actively utilized elsewhere in the world. This approach ensures that prospective clients can see the platform in action and experience its capabilities first hand.

VnD: Can you share some success stories or case studies where the ANTS platform has significantly benefited a client?


Pankaj Trehan: We have multiple installations. Our platform's success has been witnessed by mobile operators in markets of India, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific, where we have reduced redrive efforts by 80%, and achieved cost efficiencies of over 25%. This proves the capability of ANTS to enhance network operations and performance.

VnD: How do you tailor your approach to meet the specific needs and expectations of OEMs and MNOs in this region?

Pankaj Trehan: Our offerings, both in services and solutions, are tailor-made. We target customer pain points and stitch solutions accordingly. Our solutions are all module-based, and depend on the customer’s specific needs.


VnD: What differentiates your offerings from competitors in the market?

Pankaj Trehan: Atlantis stands out from its competition by leveraging first-hand experience gained from working directly in the field. Our products are not just developed based on technological advancements. Rather, they are born out of real-world challenges and practical insights obtained from our on-the-ground experience.

While many competitors may focus solely on technological innovation, Atlantis takes a different approach. We understand that technology is a means to an end – a tool to address practical problems and improve operational efficiency. Our products are crafted to directly tackle the challenges faced by telecom professionals in their day-to-day operations.

VnD: As you plan to expand into the Americas region in 2024, what are your main objectives and milestones for this expansion?

Pankaj Trehan: As we expand into the Americas in 2024, our main objectives are to establish a strong market presence and brand recognition, forge strategic partnerships with local telecom vendors, ensure regulatory compliance, and build operational infrastructure for efficiency. 

We have conducted thorough market research and are now launching targeted marketing campaigns. Collaborations with local partners will help integrate our solutions seamlessly, while engagement with regulatory authorities will ensure compliance. 

We are eager to join hands with reputed and established telecom vendors in the Latin America region, and will be moving ahead country by country.