Indus Towers turns 35% of total towers into green sites

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NEW DELHI: Indus Towers, the world’s largest telecom tower company, has said that about 35% of its total towers are green now and 50,000 of its cell sites are outdoor sites across 15 circles in the country and it has shut ACs in those locations.


Indus Towers has been able to reduce consumption of 70 million liters of diesel as well as 210 million kgs worth of carbon emissions. The energy thus saved is equivalent to planting 5.1 million trees thereby creating a cleaner greener environment in the country. Through such initiatives, the company has managed to convert around 35% of its total tower sites into green sites, the company said in a statement.

B S Shantharaju, Chief Executive Officer, Indus Towers , said, “With the vision of ‘Putting India First’, the company has been focusing on enabling communications through sustainable green solutions to reduce carbon emissions and consumption of diesel, thus saving energy across all sites. We will continue working towards creating more green sites in the future and a greener connected India for all.”

Bimal Dayal, Chief Operating Officer, Indus Towers, said, “Indus has a history of providing the best-in-class network services with the objective of creating a greener tomorrow. And keeping in line with our commitment of Putting India First, we have always ensured that we provide both seamless connectivity as well as a cleaner environment to the nation. This is a great step in this regard and we will continue to work towards creating a sustainable future for the industry and the nation.”

Indus Towers operates over 1.15 lakh towers across the country and the company has been a standout leader in the telecom tower industry in India.

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