IBM upgrades storage offerngs

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IBM has announced the launch of 'IBM Smarter Storage for Smarter Computing,' a new strategic approach to designing and managing storage infrastructures with automation and intelligence, as well as significant performance enhancements to several key storage systems and the Tivoli Storage Productivity Center suite.


At the same time, the company announced its first offerings that incorporate software from IBM's acquisition of Platform Computing earlier this year. These offerings are intended to help a broader set of enterprise customers use technical computing to achieve faster results with applications that require substantial computing resources to process growing volumes of data.

To drive the smarter computing initiative further, IBM is announcing enhancements to a several key products. For example, it is adding Real-time Compression to IBM Storwize V7000, as well as to the IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC), the company's storage virtualization system.

In order to make technical computing easier, IBM is also enhancing its portfolio of hardware platforms with software to create integrated solutions that can help enterprises more quickly derive value from high performance applications that require a lot of computing power and data. At the same time, IBM is committed to maintaining support for non-IBM systems with existing Platform Computing partners.

“Enterprises are dealing with data that is increasing exponentially in both size and complexity,” said Rodney Adkins, senior vice president of IBM Systems and Technology Group. “The enhanced systems and storage solutions we're announcing today have the performance, efficiency and intelligence to handle this Big Data. This is smarter computing that allows our clients to organize and analyze their data to better understand and serve their customers,” added Rodney.

“Smarter Storage is an approach to the design, deployment and management of storage infrastructures,” said Subroto Das, vice president, Storage, IBM India South Asia. He added, “It is a more intelligent, efficient and automated approach that fundamentally changes the way we think about storage. We will enable organizations to take control of their storage, gain more valuable insights from their data, and ultimately deliver more value to the business.”