Huawei teams up with Airtel

Huawei Planning to Put EVs on the Road within 2021

Huawei is apparently planning to make their own electric vehicles, according to multiple reports. What’s more, sources tip the Chinese tech giant to put earlier models on the road as soon as later this year.

Huawei and EVs – A Match Long in Making

Richard Yu, head of the Chinese telecom equipment maker’s consumer business group is heading the EV project. Notably, he has been able to achieve great things with Huawei’s smartphone offerings. Since he is being expected to emulate the same degree of success, whatever happens over the next few months would be highly interesting. As it stands, there are talks with state-owned Changan and other auto makers in the country. So far, it remains shrouded in speculation as the picture will clear up in the following weeks and months.

Huawei is also in talks with BAIC Group’s New Energy Technology as well for the manufacturing of their EVs.

This move comes at a time when the company hangs in a balance. As a result of the US ban on its smartphones and telecom equipment, the company is at a crossroad. Xiaomi is also threatening to pull clear with their ventures in EVs dating as far back as 2013. That was when Lei Jun, current CEO of Xiaomi, went to meet with Elon Musk twice to discuss the possibility.

Now that the relevance is much more evident, Chinese tech firms do not want to miss out on a potential mega market as EVs look set to define the future of personal transportation for the decades to come.

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