HP launches information enhancement solutions for enterprises

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HP has launched enterprise based solutions for information optimization, which according to the company will help enterprises turn information, intuition and ideas into insights for better decision making.


Today, only 15 percent of data is found in structured formats that computers understand. Human information data found in video, audio, email, texts, social media and more accounts for 85 percent of the world’s data and provides richer meaning by consisting of ideas and concepts, said the company.

The US company's IDOL 10 solution understands and act on a combination of human and extreme information, by identifying ideas and patterns in place and in real time.

The company along with IDOL 10 has launched several other information based solutions like HP social intelligence solution, for harnessing of unstructured data in social media channels to enhance the customer experience, manage brand reputation and empower resources.


The company also has launched converged storage solutions for enterprises. Storage convegence is a method of centralizing data storage amongst multiple servers.

The company's converged storage solutions includes the HP B6200 storeonce backup system which is meant for customers with huge data requirements and represents the industry’s fastest large scale deduplication appliance at 28TB per hour.While the company's X5000 G2 network storage system is capable of supporting over 10,000 users on a single system, and is easily expandable to over 100TB of capacity, said the company.

The firm's IT performance suite is an enterprise performance platform for IT management to improve performance with operational intelligence.Which according to the company delivers a comprehensive view across all IT assets, automates IT management and adjusts IT performance to meet specific business goals.


The company's VP of operations solution possess HP business service management software (BSM) 9.1 and has more than 50 key performance indicators (KPIs) to drive better performance measurement, automation, delivery and monitoring of services.

''Until now, enterprises were tied to only using 15 percent of the data available to them. With HP’s strong portfolio of Information Optimization solutions, enterprises can harness the power of 100 percent of their data to drive insight, foresight and action,'' said Kamal Dutta, director, APAC and Japan, HP Software on the launch.

The VP of applications solution of the company uses the application lifecycle management (ALM) software to optimize application development.