Haptik integrates with Google's business messages

Haptik integrates with Google’s business messages to bring virtual assistants to search results

Haptik is now a part of Google’s Program for Business Messages to help enterprises delight their customers with a conversational messaging experience on the most popular search engine. This integration comes right after Google’s investment in Haptik’s parent company Reliance Jio.

42% of mobile-driven brand interactions involve Google search and 67% of consumers admit that they would rather message a business than speak with a person. With this integration brands can:

Provide instant support via messaging in place of redirecting users to phone systems/email/or website for contact details.

Enhances customer care with rich features like carousels, photos, multi-lingual support, and FAQ automation to translate discovery into conversations.

Expand conversations to drive lead generation, loyalty, purchasing, scheduling, and upsell.

Reduce call center volumes by deflecting them to messaging, thereby saving costs

Speaking on the development, Aakrit Vaish, CEO & Co-founder at Haptik says, “As companies across the globe are adapting to the new business reality of connecting with customers digitally, our integration with Business Messages empowers us to enable messaging at the heart of the journey: Search. With Google’s Business Messages, customers have a new channel to engage with brands and Haptik’s AI-powered virtual assistants now take this experience to the next level enabling query resolution within seconds.

At Haptik, our mission is to power a messaging-first world and the integration with Business Messages couldn’t be a better fit for that.”

Commenting on the new opportunities, Rob Lawson, Partnerships at Google, said  “With many businesses going online because of COVID-19, there is a dire need for customers to have an instant support channel.

Using Haptik’s full-stack AI platform and industry-specific natural language understanding (NLU), businesses can now directly engage with customers during the discovery phase, opening up an opportunity to educate prospects and drive conversions, without any friction.

Haptik has worked with several large enterprises, driving revenue and digital innovation and we’re excited to see the value they will add with Business Messages.”

While Haptik is onboarding new clients for Business Messages, some of our existing clients are already seeing encouraging results.

Tata Mutual Fund, India’s leading and most trusted funds, deployed their Intelligent Virtual Assistant on Business Messages. The assistant helps with educating prospects about various investment opportunities and assists in decision-making, directly via Search.

Similarly, Netmeds, a growing eCommerce website is using the combined power of Conversational AI and Business Messages to answer customer queries in real-time, recommend the right products and deliver on-demand service, without any human intervention.

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