Gujarat has full 5G capability announces Ambani Mukesh

"Reliance Jio has successfully completed the world's fastest rollout of 5G infrastructure."

Ayushi Singh
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Jio assumed responsibility for quickly rolling out 5G across India. The telecom company has finished the world's quickest 5G deployment, according to Reliance Industries Limited Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani. Speaking in front of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the 10th Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2024, Mukesh Ambani declared, "Reliance Jio has successfully completed the world's fastest rollout of 5G infrastructure." Gujarat has complete 5G connectivity now, something that the majority of the globe does not yet have."


Gujarat will become a global leader in the adoption of AI and digital data platforms as a result. Gujarat's economy would become more productive, efficient, and globally competitive thanks to the AI revolution allowed by 5G, Ambani stated.

In addition to creating millions of new jobs, it will result in AI-enabled physicians, teachers, and farmers, revolutionizing healthcare, education, and agricultural productivity in the state of Gujarat. Every Gujarati, whether in a city or a rural one, will profit from this since, in my opinion, AI also entails inclusive growth.

Jio had assured the nation and its users that it will finish rolling out 5G by the end of December 2023. It is important to remember that even though the telecom has implemented 5G everywhere, there may still be gaps in coverage. Reliance Jio's 5G network will take years to reach most of India's population, both in urban and rural areas.


Nonetheless, the quick implementation has established the standard for India's next broadband offerings. Airtel, like Jio, has set a lofty goal to have 5G available throughout India by the end of FY24. The chairman of Reliance Industries has affirmed that 5G is fully available in Gujarat. This would make it easier for Gujarat and its people to take advantage of the digital opportunities that the modern world offers.

Reliance Jio also introduced its JioAirFiber service in 8 cities currently including  Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi in September last year.

In comparison to the present rate of 15k premises linked via fiber per day, Jio anticipates its FWA service to connect 150k premises daily. Additionally, it declared that over the next three years, it will increase the addressable market for FTTH/FWA to more than 200 million homes.


The service is now offered in 25 states, including several additional cities and towns, having previously only been offered in 21 states. More than 500 cities now make up the overall number, up from 494 previously. September 19, 2023, saw Jio unveil AirFiber. A few months later, the service was made available in a lot of states and cities, and more places will be added by the end of 2023.

According to a research released by Ookla last year, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) became the world’s fastest 5G market in the second quarter of 2023. In accordance with Ookla’s Speedtest Intelligence data, the average download speed for the UAE market was 557.63 Mbps. The second quickest 5G market worldwide, behind the United Arab Emirates, was South Korea. The average download speed in South Korea was 501.56 Mbps. 

On October 1st, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the availability of 5G in India at the India Mobile Congress held in Delhi. It is anticipated that by the end of 2023, 75% of the population will have access to the fifth-generation cellular network, which is currently operational across the nation.

Considering that the 5G rollout in India is still in progress and that Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel want to provide nationwide coverage at the earliest , it is understandable why India was unable to crack the top 10. It is important to note that the United Arab Emirates deployed commercial 5G in 2019, which is 4 years earlier than India.