YouTube Premium pre-paid plans

Google unlocks YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium membership against pre-paid plans

Google has announced that it has unlocked the YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium experience for users in India with a local credit or debit card from Visa or Mastercard.

Starting today, users across India will be able to purchase either a one-month or three-month prepaid plan to enjoy YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium benefits.  

Google says that with these new plans for India, users can now purchase prepaid plans without enrolling in an ongoing subscription and enhance their viewing and listening experience with all the paid membership benefits for the period that they pay for. At any point, users will also be to extend their paid benefits by an additional 1-month or 3-months by purchasing additional top-ups for their membership.

To sign-up for a pre-paid plan, follow the sign-up instructions for a YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium membership. When selecting your membership option, select the 1-month or 3-month plan option. You can also upgrade from a YouTube Music Premium membership to a YouTube Premium membership on a pre-paid plan at

To find out more about pre-paid plans and to get started: and


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