Giridhar Gomango

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Who were the best union telecom ministers, we asked a retired

technocrat from DoT who had worked with 13 ministers during his tenure. He took

two names - Shri Giridhar Gomango and Shri Sukhram. Sukhram, of course, draws

extreme responses. But, Gomango's name was a surprise. When asked a few other

technocrats who were at the helm of affairs at that time, most of them agreed on

Gomango. 'He was overshadowed by Sam Pitroda,' was the common reaction.

While no one can take the credit from Pitroda for bringing

the first telecom development wave in India, it was Shri Gomango, the low

profile veteran tribal MP from Orissa, who brought telecom to the top five items

in the government's agenda. It was left to Pitroda to take it from there.

Known as an honest politician, consensus maker and extremely accessible, he

refrained from tom-toming his achievements, partly because it would never have

mattered to his voters at the tribal dominated Koraput district in Orissa.