How To Get Your Mobile App Up And Running

Anyone can have an idea, one which they believe to be a winning combination of innovation, market need, and clever design, but not everyone then follows this up with the drive and motivation to create a mobile app. Mobile apps have to serve a purpose of some sort, whether that’s entertainment in the form of games to pass the time, a useful service such as navigational assistance, or helpfulness in the way they aid tasks that you perform in your everyday life. If you’ve been telling yourself that your idea isn’t ground-breaking or revolutionary enough, then put a stop to this way of thinking, and give your idea a go! After all, Flappy Bird was a massive hit, and the app had a very simple premise. Get your mobile app into actuality and wait to see if you’re to have any success.

What Is Your App?

Before beginning to go through the long and expensive process of learning how to code and sitting down to develop an app from scratch, you should draw up a plan of how you’re going to start appealing to as many app store users as possible and making money. Remember that not all apps were created equal, and some vastly appeal while others do not. Figure out if your app falls into one of two categories. Firstly, if you’re working to develop and build an app as an extension of your existing brand or business, and secondly, if you have a new idea for an app such as Tinder or Snapchat that you’re bringing to fruition. If you fall within the first option, your app will chiefly be used to improve the experience of existing customers whereas the second option is for the market masses and must solve a problem or provide entertainment.

Get Noticed

Your app will need to appeal to the general public, but before it can do, it should be widely recognized on the app store and have built a reputation for itself. In order to get your app in the open and seen by thousands of users, you should work on methods of marketing and advertising. Find out if anyone has already downloaded the app, and if you’ve attracted users already, discover the dominant demographic. You need to find out who they are, why they downloaded it and even as far as their geographic location. Pinpoint your demographic and pool and analyze the data you find. Consider using Click Intelligence to strategically reach and influence online users to notice and potentially purchase your product. Start a blog alongside promoting your app, and use it as a platform to discuss your ideas, and how your creation can be put to good use.

Deciding Which App Store

There are thousands, and potentially millions, of new and existing apps being sold and recommended across the different app stores. Your task is to find out which app store is going to be the best choice for you and the most profitable too. Look to see which categories perform well on Google, Apple, Amazon, and Windows and make an informed decision. There are other stores such as smaller Chinese ones, that could bring a fresh audience – so it’s worth having a thorough scout around the market before settling upon one to launch your newly developed and programmed app.

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