Gemalto earmarks 100 eSIM solutions deployment

Sharing an accomplished milestone, Gemalto in a press announcement has stated that the company has earmarked 100 eSIM solutions’ deployment worldwide. Gemalto proudly admits that the most recent generation of flagship phones and smartwatches works with its remote connectivity management solutions.

According to the company, “eSIM around the world” is becoming a reality that will enable millions of consumers to seamlessly provision and activate a mobile subscription and connect their favorite devices anytime, anywhere.

With 3.5 billion devices on the market by 2025 cellular connectivity will play a major role in bringing massive IoT to life both on the consumer and M2M markets, exponentially increasing the number of mobile connections. Gemalto has deployed more than 100 eSIM remote subscription management platforms to mobile operators, operator alliances, MVNOs, car manufacturers and OEMs across all continents.

Gemalto believes that with its eSIM solutions, mobile connectivity is enhanced; thanks to digitized subscription activation and mobile ID verification, the user journey is simplified and logistics are easier for operators and OEMs. Innovation in device design and features such as thickness, waterproofness, and extended battery are noticeably improved.

“We are thrilled to be writing this new chapter in our company history and for the IoT market ahead of us,” said Frédéric Vasnier, executive vice president, Mobile Services and IoT at Gemalto. “More than 900 million eSIMs are expected to be shipped yearly by 2022 and we are committed to continued innovation in security and connectivity to enable the trusted connections of tomorrow.”



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