GB Meemansi

VoicenData Bureau
New Update

C-DOT brought about the first big revolution in Indian

telecom by making telecom equipment cheaper for the state-owned operator in

general. The whole credit for this goes to G B Meemasi.

Arguably, some of the management principles that we are

seeing in the large IT services companies in India today owe their origin to

C-DOT. Never before had there been such a motivated workforce of young engineers

who wanted to bring about a big change in India, let alone in the government

sector. This motivating force is Meemansi's major contribution.

He also introduced the outsourcing idea to the C-DOT. His model of licensing

was almost like an open-source to anyone who had capability and was interested.

That is the single-most reason behind C-DOT's success. He is also credited

with connectiing C-DOT to media quite often to make people aware of what was

happening inside the closed doors. No doubt, Meemansi, arguably, is India's

most prominent unsung hero of telecom.