Future Group Partners with o9 Solutions in their Retail 3.0 journey

o9 Solutions announced that Future Group $ 3bn will deploy the next gen of o9 platforms to integrate Demand Planning (Forecasting and Operations Planning.

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Sanjiv Sidhu, Chairman and Co-Founder and Chakri Gottemukkala, Co-founder, CEO, o9 solutions

o9 Solutions announced that Future Group $ 3bn will deploy the next generation of o9 platforms to integrate Demand Planning (Forecasting), Replenishment Planning, and Sales and Operations Planning. o9 will support Future Group 1500 Stores across 450 cities which will include all retail formats.


India’s largest publicly listed retailer has prioritized Improving supply chain performance through next-generation technology as an important part of its “Thathastu” initiative.

The company chose o9 as its partner on this digital transformation journey because o9 came out as a Truly Integrated Supply Chain Platform which provides the ability to support retail scale with embedded forecasting intelligence.

Future Group implementation of the o9 platform will enable it to use both internal and external demand drivers while planning for promotions, combined with powerful machine learning algorithms, to create a demand forecast.


On replenishment planning, Future Group will leverage the o9 platform for generating the requirements at DC’s and also their own CPG, Future Consumer Limited requirements.

The o9 platform will also enable a truly digital IBP process where both vendors and Future Group’s CPG will be able to validate their plan against the overall Annual numbers in the platform.

“The o9 Solutions platform will play a pivotal role in Future Group,” said Vivek Biyani, director at Future Group. “We will be able to bring greater speed and insights to our supply and demand planning processes and run our IBP meeting live in the o9 system.


We’re excited to bring o9’s next-generation platform capabilities to support our planning across all time horizons, from long-term strategic planning to mid-term, to short-term, all in one integrated platform.”

Speaking on behalf of o9 Solutions, Chakri Gottemukkala, Co-Founder and CEO, stated, “Future Group is an iconic Indian company, and o9 is honored to collaborate with them on their journey to establish an integrated business planning process that is as innovative and game-changing.

We look forward to a long-term partnership that will enable Future Group to increase revenues and reduce costs while improving customer service and enhancing employee productivity.”