Fujitsu announces new solutions

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Fujitsu, a Japnese IT equipment company has announced its vision, key products and services, at its annual customer event 'Fujitsu Forum' held at Bangalore.


The forum showcases solutions built for the special needs of small and mid-size businesses helping them gain greater business velocity by simultaneously increasing the agility of their IT systems while also reducing the total cost of ownership, therefore cutting the risks of investing in new technology, said the company.

The forum also witnessed some key announcements from the company including the launch of Fujitsu business solutions store, which provides companies of all sizes with a single platform marketplace for cloud based business applications and business processes. The store provides a marketplace for partners to offer their software ''as a service'' to new customers, said the company.

The company also launched multi-node environments for running the SAP HANA platform, enabling enterprises to analyze huge amounts of data, as well as reacting in real time to changing market conditions.


The company also announced the launch of Dynamic Infrastructures Blocks (DI Blocks), providing enterprises with a module based approach in combining and reshaping their datacenters.

Enterprises gain a competitive edge from DI Blocks by makin sure that their IT operations are readily available to meet changing business needs, and ready for on-premise private cloud infrastructures, said the company.

The Japnese firm also unveiled its entry level fully virtualized infrastructure ''FlexFrame Compact for SAP solutions,'' which according to the company is being used by more than 250 large enterprises to optimize their entire SAP solution environments.

A technology demo of the company's first Android slate PC for running VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) applications was also showcased at the forum.