FreeCharge launches ‘#ReverseTheCharge’ campaign

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BANGALORE: FreeCharge, a digital payments platform, has launched its new brand campaign called ‘#ReverseTheCharge’. The new campaign explores the youth-parent relationship by adding a flavour of role reversal. The youth is portrayed as more responsible and helping parents understand the new-age ‘fizool kharchi’ following a pattern from the earlier TVC ‘Recharge Nahi FreeCharge’ where parents were blaming the youth for ‘fizool kharchi’.


The ‘#ReverseTheCharge’ campaign is targeted at the urban youth living in top metros. The TVC is in Hindi and translated in other regional languages such as Tamil, Telugu and Kannada to attract new users on board.

The pan India TVC campaign will cover 30+ channels on national television spanning major GEC's and English channels. The campaign will leverage both offline (TV, Radio) and online (Paid Digital, Newsletters, Notifications, Social Media) platforms to reach out to the target audience.

Talking about the new TVC, ‘#ReverseTheCharge’, Ashish Virmani, head, Marketing, FreeCharge, said, “FreeCharge as a brand understands youth and their needs deeply. With FreeCharge, they just don't recharge but in a way FreeCharge helps them solve their problems smartly. With this campaign, the youth has evolved to the point where they can charge their parents for being spendthrift. This campaign will be an integrated marketing plan leveraging TV, digital and radio primarily and aims to build the already strong appeal for the brand.”

‘#ReverseTheCharge’ TVC campaign is an extension of FreeCharge’s overall brand goal of driving the shift from offline to online transactions across the country and get existing users to transact more and more online.

Talking about the campaign, Arun Iyer, CCO, Lowe Lintas, said, “For the launch phase of the campaign, we had established Freecharge as a brand that frees young people of various money-related charges placed on them by their parents. In this phase, we thought we'd flip the dynamics of this relationship. The young Freecharge user is a step ahead of the game and knows how to save so well, that in addition to freeing himself/herself of all charges of being spendthrift, he/she can now in fact, go ahead and place the same charge on his/her parents.”

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