Flock upgrades user experience with Google Apps integration

BENGALURU: Team Messenger app Flock will now integrate with the most widely used apps of the Google Suite, including Google Hangouts, Google Drive, Analytics, and Calendar. This, according to Flock, introduces a way in which Flock users can access, share and manage data with the external apps they frequently use at work.

Google Hangout lets Flock users connect with their team and external users using voice calls or video conferencing. Installing this app would let users start a Google Hangout in any conversation in Flock, by using the /hangout command.

Flock says that Google Drive lets users create, store and share documents online. Integrating Google drive with Flock provides a preview of the title and the type of files shared in Flock. Hence, teams working on similar projects can easily identify, access and work simultaneously by sharing the Google drive link.

Integrating Google Analytics with Flock provides access to daily, weekly and monthly reports of a company’s online presence within a Flock group. Marketing, web development, and design teams no longer need to switch between multiple apps to get valuable insights or comparative analysis on their website’s performance.

The Google Calendar integration with Flock will enable users to select calendars and post to a group via the calendar bot.

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